Travel Buddy is a soft toy that serves a double duty- it’s the best teddy friend at home and a favourite travel companion while on the move.

Easily attached to any part of the seat belt, Travel Buddy will protect from sharp edges of the belt or serve as a soft, pillow-like pad for a child to rest his head on. A child sleeping on the teddy can be easily taken out of the car together with his furry friend without being woken up. Travel Buddy is also used by older children and even grown ups!

The secret behind travel buddy is its teddy-like shape and magnets hidden on the inside. Thanks to that, once removed from the seat belt, Travel Buddy is not just a pad but a regular toy that can be taken everywhere.

Having a familiar toy in a car or other vehicle will bring the feeling of ‚homeaway from home‘ and will make it easier for a child to adapt to long distance or frequent travelling. Travel buddy was created supervision of a pediatrician and got a positive reference of a child psychologist.

Travel Buddy comes in two colours- white (coco) and classic teddy-brown (choco). Each teddy gets his own, unique name placed on a sticker inside the box. This makes each buddy one of a kind. Carefully designed box makes Travel Buddy a beautiful and ready to give away gift.